Aziz Nurmammadov

Training Assistant

Aziz works closely with the training manager and helps to provide standard or specialized teaching and technical trainings. Aziz is a training coordinator of engineering and technologies department: he prepares training documentation such as training manuals, hand notes for participants, as well as questionnaires and other support materials, schedules training sessions and sends notifications to participants, etc. Aziz coordinates the preparation of training sessions, informs participants or employees about training demands and other important aspects, keeping records about each training course and participants are also among his responsibilities. Aziz gets his education in Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering. As an accounting and audit student, Aziz considers that accounting provides information for decision making, and almost every business and organization needs accountants to measure performance and provide information for decisions. Recently Aziz has successfully passed ACCA-F3 (Financial Accounting) exam, he also plans to achieve other ACCA qualifications.