Rena Valiyeva

School Administrator

A motivated and talented animation designer with a proven ability to develop high quality and with solid understanding of computer programs. Rena has knowledge of creating visual effects and a knack of quickly understanding a projects mission, vision and values. Rena Valiyeva has long years experience in web design, social media management, freelance journalism, sound recording and reproduction in Russia and Azerbaijan. Ms. Valiyeva uses her networking skills and commitment to projects through previous work experience. She is responsible for creating visual effects on company websites, video editing and placement of rollers and clips, creating demo reels, advertising photos, etc. Rena is able to work effectively as part of a team with printers, photographers, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists. Rena is easily trained employee and always seeks opportunities to learn new skills that related her occupation. One of remarkable things about Mrs. Valiyeva is the combination of good understanding of artistic and animation principles and loyalty of corporate values.

Due to her strong organizational and administrative skills and experience, Rena was promoted to the position of School Administrator. Now she provides comprehensive administrative support to the school and act as a central supporting role for staff.