Ziyafat Afandizadeh

IELTS Test Centre Administrator

Ziyafat Afandizadeh is currently working as the Deputy IELTS Administrator at our company. Before now, she has gained valuable experience in providing IELTS mock exams in the Barattson. Prior to joining Barattson team, she worked in different spheres, as Customer Services Specialist, Office Manager and Clerk.
Ziyafat holds bachelor degree in Accounting and Audit specialty program from Azerbaijan State University of Economics. During study period, she had joined numerous trainings, seminars and conferences with relevance to her professional goals and career objectives. At the same time, she has been volunteering at State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Baku “ASAN service” center No. 1.,  for the purpose of, contributing in daily works of the government authorities situated in ASAN service centre; services to citizens and management of influx of citizens; implementation of surveys among citizens for increasing citizen satisfaction; implementation and conducting of trainings on activities of the organization. In fact, she gained abilities like self-motivation, good interpersonal and analytical skills, creative and innovative approach towards solving various tasks.