Drilling Engineering

Every year Oil and Gas companies in Azerbaijan and worldwide are recruiting recent students or students as future Drilling Engineers. During selection process most of candidates fall down on Interview. This happens due to lack of main information on Drilling Engineering Fundamentals. This course aims to introduce main concepts and vitally practical aspects of Drilling Engineering and designed for individuals hunting for a job in oil & gas companies. The course comprises themes which will examine the understanding of drilling engineering theory and its application that people encounter during job interviews as well as in the beginning of their careers


What will students learn:

  •  Knowledge to comprehend fundamentals of drilling operations
  •  Ability to do basic calculations
  •  Understanding the use of drilling fluid, casing, cement
  •  Learning engineer approach to solve problems
  •  Getting ready for job interviews

What topics are covered:

  • Drilling Program; Rig Components
  • Drilling Process; Drill String; Drill Bits
  • Formation Pressure; Fracture Gradient; LOT/FIT, ECD, MAASP; Functions of drilling fluids
  • Types & Composition of Drilling Fluid; Characteristics of Drilling Fluid [Gel Strength, Viscosity, etc.]; Circulation System
  • Primary Well Control; 1st & 2nd indications of Kick; Precautions whilst drilling/tripping
  • Shut-in procedure; Well Killing; BOP Equipment
  • Functions of Casing
  • Types of Casing
  • Wellhead & Casing Hangers
  • Casing Running Procedure
  •  Functions of Cement
  •  Properties of cement
  •  Cementing equipment
  •  Single-stage cementing
  •  Multi-stage cementing
  •  Inner-string cementing
  •  Liner Cementing 
  •  Cementing Calculation 
  •  Cement Evaluation
  •  Defining the Well path
  •  Geometrical calculation Technique
  • Considerations when planning
  • Deflection tools
  • Completion phase
  • Interventions

What’s included:

  • Primary Textbook
  • Additional reading materials and power point presentations will be distributed by the instructor prior to each class when necessary.  

Evaluation Policy:

  • Midterm Exam 1                 25%
  • Midterm Exam 2                 25%
  • Assignment and Quizzes     10%
  • Final Exam                         40%


  • Cost: 150 AZN per Month
  • Duration 3 months, 48 hours 
  • Price and dates are subject to change
  • At the end of course students will get non-falsifiable certificates