Power Point 2010/2013 / Advanced

Advanced 12 hours 89 AZN


What Topics are Covered?

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced Essentials. This course takes students beyond the basics and gives them higher-level skills for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.
  • The 12 modules in this course cover key topics, including using slide, handout, and note masters; working with templates; working with comments; reviewing a presentation; advanced presentation techniques; advanced animation techniques; custom shows; and file management tools.

What’s Included?

  • Using Slide Masters, Part One. This module introduces students to using slide masters. It covers opening Slide Master view, creating slide layouts, working with placeholders, and changing a slide’s layout.
  • Using Slide Masters, Part Two. This follow-up module delves deeper into getting the most out of slide masters in PowerPoint 2013. Topics include how to preserve and update slide masters, use multiple masters in a presentation, and remove masters.
  • Working with Templates. Invite your students to come along as we take a look at working with templates. This module shows how to create, save, use, and edit a template.
  • Using Handout Masters. Help your students get a handle on handout masters with this informative module. Here, they will learn how to open Handout Master view, edit the handout master, set layout options, and create handouts using Microsoft Word.
  • Using Notes Masters. Students will master note masters in this module. It covers how to open Note Master view, edit the note master, set layout options, and print notes pages.
  • Working with Comments. Comments are very handy for collaboration amongst multiple users. In this module, students will learn how to insert, view, navigate through, reply to, and delete comments.
  • Reviewing a Presentation. This module covers presentation review from start to finish, including how to send a presentation for review, compare presentations, navigate through markup, accept and reject markup, and end the review. 
  • Advanced Animation Techniques, Part One This module takes students through how to choose a basic animation effect, set animation options, customize the trigger for an animation, edit the motion path, set start options, and modify the duration and delay of an animation.
  • Advanced Animation Techniques, Part Two.  This module builds upon the skills taught in Module 8 by showing students how to set animation options, change the order of animations, use the Animation Painter, and use the Animation pane.
  • Advanced Presentation Techniques. Students can give their presentations a lot of extra pizzazz by using advanced presentation techniques. This module shows how to record and narrate a show, set narration options, use Presenter view, create a video from a presentation, create a show-only file, and present slides online. 
  • Creating a Custom Show. Custom shows are a great tool for audiences with different informational needs. This module looks at how to hide a single slide as well as how to create, edit, present, and delete a custom show.
  • Managing PowerPoint Files The course concludes with a discussion of how to manage files in PowerPoint. Students are shown how to optimize media compatibility, compress media, work with versions, recover unsaved files, and protect a presentation with a password.