Power Point 2010/2013 / Foundation

Foundation 8 hours 69 AZN


What Topics are Covered?

  • This one-level PowerPoint 2013 training course covers how to create, customize, and present an interactive slide show.
  • Highlights of the course include using templates and variants; adding images, video, and audio to a slide show; organizing slides into sections; presenting a slide show online; and customizing the PowerPoint interface.

What’s Included?

  • Getting Started  The course begins with a look at how to start PowerPoint, create a basic presentation, and close PowerPoint. Then, you will learn how to sign into Office with a Microsoft account. The module concludes with information on saving and opening presentations.
  • Your First Presentation  This module will walk you through the basics of creating a presentation. First, adding slide content and notes is covered. Then, techniques for selecting text and objects are discussed. Next, editing tools (including cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo) are covered. The module wraps up with information on checking a presentation for spelling errors.
  • Creating Slides In this module, you will learn how to create, select, move, duplicate, and delete slides. Techniques for changing and resetting the slide layout, as well as creating sections, are covered next. To wrap the module up, you will learn how to view their slide show.
  • Formatting Text  This module introduces you to PowerPoint’s text formatting tools. Topics include changing font face, size, and color; modifying character spacing; applying text effects; using the Font dialog and Format Painter; and clearing formatting from text.
  • Working with Text Next, you will learn about advanced text formatting tools, including Find, Replace, bullets, numbers, text alignment, column formatting, line spacing, and text direction.
  • Formatting the Presentation  To begin, this module shows how to change the theme and variant for a presentation. Information on changing the slide size, formatting the slide background, and adding headers and footers to slides is also included.
  • Inserting Art and Objects, Part One This module covers adding tables, charts, SmartArt, equations, and shapes to a presentation.   Inserting Art and Objects, Part Two This module covers adding local and online images, videos, screenshots, and audio to a presentation. Creating a photo album is also covered.
  • Advanced Slide Tasks In this module, you will learn how to add animations and transitions to their presentation.
  • Viewing and Printing Your Presentation  This module explores the different viewing tools offered by PowerPoint 2013, including zoom commands and Presenter View. Techniques for printing slides, notes, and handouts are also covered.
  • Saving and Sharing Your Presentation  Next, you will learn how to save a presentation as PDF or XPS. E-mailing a presentation, sharing it with SkyDrive or SharePoint, and packaging it for CD are also covered. The module wraps up with information on presenting online.
  • Customizing the Interface The final module of this course will show you how to change ribbon display options, customize the Quick Access toolbar, customize and create ribbon tabs, and reset interface changes.