SharePoint Designer 2010/2013

  • The SharePoint 'Client Object Model' (available for JavaScript, Silverlight, and .NET), and REST/SOAP APIs can be referenced from within a custom page or feature.
  • 'Sand-boxed' plugins can be uploaded by any end-user who has been granted permission. These are security-restricted, and can be governed at multiple levels (including resource consumption management). In multi-tenant cloud environments, these are the only customizations that are typically allowed.
  • Farm features are typically fully trusted code that need to be installed at a farm-level.
  • Service applications — It is possible to integrate directly into the SharePoint SOA bus, at a farm level.
  • Customizations may be surfaced via
  • Application-to-application integration with SharePoint
  • Extensions to SharePoint functionality (e.g. custom workflow actions)
  • 'Web Parts' (also known as "portlets", "widgets", or "gadgets") that provide new functionality when added to a page
  • Pages/sites or page/site templates