Windows 7 / Advanced

What Will Students Learn?

  • Windows 7 offers many administrator-level features to help power users manage their computers. This Advanced level is intended to help users customize, maintain, and optimize Windows 7.
  • Highlights of the course include an overview of the Control Panel, networking information, a guide to maintenance and optimization tasks, and tips on managing hardware and software with Windows 7.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Making Windows 7 Work for You
  • In this section, students will receive an introduction to the Control Panel and an overview of various customization options. Students will also learn how to set accessibility options.
  • Networking with Windows 7
  • This section is all about wired and wireless networking. Advanced networking tasks (such as network drives, printers, and domains) will also be covered.
  • Maintaining and Optimizing your Computer
  • Next, students will learn how to perform common maintenance and optimization tasks (such as defragmentation, disk repair, and Windows Update). Windows Defender and the Parental Controls Center will also be covered.
  • Hardware and Software
  • To wrap up the course, students will how to manage software, enable and disable Windows features, and manage file types. Students will also learn how to use Device Manager and Disk Management to manage their computer’s hardware.