Windows 7 / Expert

What Will Students Learn?

  • Windows 7 contains many powerful tools designed for system administrators and power users. This course is designed for students who are already comfortable with Windows 7 and ready to learn about these advanced tools.
  • Highlights of the course include an overview of Internet-related tools, troubleshooting tips, a look at computer management tools, and information on hardware administrative tools.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Harnessing the Power of the Internet
  • The course begins with an in-depth look at Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance. Windows Contacts and People Near Me will also be covered.
  • Troubleshooting your Computer
  • Next, students will learn about Windows 7’s troubleshooting tools, including the Backup and Restore Center, the Action Center, and the System Configuration utility. System Restore will also be covered.
  • Computer Management Tools
  • This section focuses on some of Windows 7’s most advanced features, including ReadyBoost, BitLocker, Encrypting File System, Windows Services Hardening, Data Execution Prevention, and Access Control Lists. Mobility features and the Math Input Panel are also covered.
  • Advanced Topics
  • The final section of this course covers Windows’ hardware administrative tools (such as paging files and event logs) in depth. Windows XP Mode and Speech Recognition are also covered.