Windows 7 / Foundation

What Will Students Learn?

  • Windows 7 is the seventh version of Microsoft’s widely used Windows operating system. This version of Windows incorporates and improves many of the features introduced in Windows Vista. This Foundation level is intended to help both novice and experienced users become familiar with the many changes that have been made to Windows with this release. 
  • Highlights of the course include an introduction to using a keyboard and mouse, information on managing  files and folders, and a look at the basic Windows 7 programs (such as WordPad, Calculator, Paint, Internet Explorer, and Notepad). The course wraps up with an in-depth look at help and support features.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Getting Started
  • The course will begin with the basics of Windows 7, including an introduction to the desktop. Then, basic keyboard and mouse techniques will be covered. Finally, students will learn about Windows 7 power options (such as logging off, shutting down, and restarting). 
  • Working with Windows 7 
  • Next, students will learn about the essential features of Windows 7. First, they will learn how to open a program and identify its components. Then, they will learn about window management features, working with files and folders, and the basics of both menu and ribbon-based interfaces.
  • The Basic Windows 7 Applications
  • In this section, students will learn about three of the most popular Windows 7 applications: WordPad, Calculator, and Paint. Students will also receive an introduction to Notepad, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Snipping Tool, and Sticky Notes.
  • Doing More with Windows 7
  • This section will introduce students to Internet features in Windows 7, with a focus on Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Live. Students will also learn how to make sure their computer is secure when working on the Internet.
  • Getting Help in Windows 7
  • The final section of this course will focus on Windows 7 help features. The Windows Help and Support tool will be covered in-depth. Students will also get an introduction to Remote Assistance.