Windows 8 / Intermediate

What Will Students Learn?

  • This Intermediate level is intended to help both novice and experienced users become familiar with the many changes that have been made to Windows. This manual will also help more experienced users who have little to no experience in customizing Windows 8, as well as those who are not familiar with some of Windows 8’s default applications.
  • Highlights of the course include information on customizing the Start screen and Lock screen, an overview of the Settings charm, and a complete walkthrough of 16 different Windows 8 applications.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Customizing the Start Screen In this section, participants will learn how to customize and manage tiles. They will also learn how to customize the Lock and Start screens. To wrap up the section, participants will learn about the options in the Settings charm, including how to create picture passwords.
  • Having Fun in Windows 8 Next, participants will learn about the lighter side of Windows 8. First, they will be introduced to the Video, Music, Camera, and Games apps. Then, they will learn about Windows Media Player.
  • The Basic Windows Desktop Applications  In this section, participants will learn about the desktop edition of Internet Explorer, as well as Calculator and Paint.
  • Word Processing with Windows 8 This section takes an in-depth look at WordPad, Notepad, and Windows Journal.
  • Other Windows 8 Programs  The final section of this course will show participants how to use Windows Fax and Scan, Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool, Sound Recorder, and XPS Viewer.