«I began my ACCA journey with Barattson in 2014. Before exam, we had done number of mock-exams, examples from work environment and individual approach to each problem. Till now, I have been able to finish F1,F2 and F3. As Barattson enlarges day by day, I will be able to sit for paper-based exams, hopefully in Barattson. »
Jeyhun Maharramli / Bachelor student at ADA University
«First of all I would like to thank my instructor Mr.Elshan Rahimov, for his lessons that taught us the most important aspects of DipIFR. Thanks to his guidance we successfully completed the course and I could pass my exam on the first trial. Also I would like to thank the staff of Barattson School of Business and Finance for their professional services. It was my first ACCA exam and it is very satisfying that I could pass it. It is true that the most of all depend on how you are preparing for exams, how much time you spend for reading but without proper guidance of instructor it is very difficult to pass these exams. For that reason I would like to recommend Barattson School of Business and Finance for all who want to achieve success in exams and to expand their knowledge in Finance and Accounting sector.   »
Nijat Afandiyev / Accountant LLC "SIMBRELLA"
«Получение диплома DipIFR послужило одним из самых радостных и самоутверждающих событий в моей жизни. И этим я очень обязана преподавательскому составу учебного центра Barattson, в частности Эльшану Рагимову и Михаилу Гомелько. Занятия были организованы настолько профессионально и проходили настолько занимательно, что я даже не замечала, как проходило время. Здесь я обратила внимание на ту особенность, что в отличие от других учебных центров преподаватели с радостью были готовы отвести дополнительные время для повторного разбора уже пройденного материала, разъяснению сложных моментов. Я определённо буду рекомендовать друзьям и знакомым обращаться в этот учебный центр.  »
Нигяр Асланова / Бухгалтер ООО «CSS»
«I am very satisfied with the overall profeciency of service by Barattson. I was happy to work with great tutors and staff as well as competitive course colleagues, I was also very glad that my and my course colleagues` feedbacks were taken asap by the course leaders. I was very much productive in studying with Barattson and improve my performance during the CFA course. I would definitely recommend it to other CFA candidates.  »
Rena Akhundlu / Investment Analyst at Foreign Subsidiaries' Supervision Division at SOCAR (Investment Department)
«I'm very happy with my result and emphasize I must be thankful to Barattson for this success and personally to Mr. Elshan Rahimov, my instructor. We had a great time together during 4 month period and this journey was not boring at all despite its length. To be honest I spend very little time for self-study during preparation and I'd surely say that success came from the knowledge I gained during classes. Mr. Elshan Rahimov is the guarantee for the quality of the lessons. It was my great pleasure to learn something from him. I would strongly recommend Barattson School of Business and Finance for all who plan a Career in Accounting, Business and Finance. To feel care and professionality at the same time are the factors I most like in Barattson. »
Berhad Guliyev / Assistant to Finance manager, Coordination Unit for World Bank financed projects under the Ministry of Education