« Dear Elshan, I would like to thank you for the time, creative energy, expertise and passion you shared with our prospective students and applicants on master class on "Intangible Assets” from Financial Reporting. This class was very popular, I think you saw it by attendees quantity. We have been getting a lot of “thanks” from 63 participants. I really hope that it was the first, but not the last Master Class conducted by you for our applicants. Thank you again for very instructive master class!   »
Aytekin Huseynova / Admissions Officer, ADA University
«Dear Elshan Rahimov, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Organization is a shadow of a single person”. Referring to these words I can say we felt your culture, respect, objectivity and diligence in GRBS attending CIMA’s CMGA courses taught by you. Your empowerment of course attendees during courses helped us to feel more practiced and self-confident in CMGA examination. Hope those values you created in GRBS will be in Barattson too. »
Jeyhun Aghayev / Accountant in “SOCAR-Foster Wheeler Engineering” LLC
«Dear Elshan Rahimov, I’m very pleased with your new company and the way you conduct your business. Hope your new company will be even more prosperous than your previously owned GRBS. Combination of creativity and professionalism showed by you was exactly what we needed during DipIFR courses in your previously owned GRBS. Our course mates had strong opinions on your teaching methodology. You were able to deliver your valuable knowledge and steer us towards an outcome - Diploma in International Financial Reporting, that we are proud of being its holders. »
Jeyhun Aghayev / Accountant in “SOCAR-Foster Wheeler Engineering” LLC
«Dear Elshan Rahimov, Many thanks for being part of the first ACCA REGIONAL EDUCATION PARTNERS CONFERENCE in Poland. Your participation added to the vibrancy of the event – there were over 100 participants from 13 different countries making it truly an international one. We are grateful for your engagement and hope that you have found the day thought-provoking and a good occasion to build valuable connections.   »
Magdalena Hernandez / Head of ACCA Emerging Europe
« Hello, I personally want to thank Barattson for the seminar which took place on 13.10.2014 - 17.10.2014. I enjoyed the company of one of the best specialists in acquisitions domain, Malotchco. It was the fist time I participated in a seminar with only four participants an I can state that it was one of the most interesting and unique experiences ever. The hotel where the event took place was a very good one, with polite personnel. In the end, I would like to recommend you to sign the contracts and announce about the seminars a little bit earlier. I wish team at Barattson good luck. »
Andgela Sîrbu / Head of Department Economy, Patrimony and Finance, Ministry of Education, Moldova