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General English Preparation

Form of the program

First of all, let's note that Barattson has a Placement test to begin training. But first let me tell you more about the program. ” “The name of the material we teach is Speakout. Speakout:

  • As the name implies, the full textbook is a teaching tool;

  • The book also includes video clips, real news and interviews in an interactive format developed by the BBC;

  • Depending on the level of training, the training program varies between 10 or 12 sections (module);

  • At the end of each section, a 15-minute thematic test (Unit Quick Check Test) is conducted for that section. It also measures the level of assimilation of each unit;

  • During the training, Midterm exam covers the first half of the program and the final exams for the second half. In addition, attendance assignment is also checked during the course. I would like to note that these exams are free of charge ”.


At the end of the program, the student will be awarded a standard, silver and gold certificate and report, depending on the result.

The teaching staff

“Our teachers are local teachers and each has a valid international certificate. In addition, our teachers are selected through special exams and demo lessons. More information about teachers can be found at

Conversation Club

The benefits of a special, level-oriented conversation club designed for our students are:

  • Organized on separate days and hours on levels (the goal is not to create a complex between senior and junior students);

  • Conducted by moderators trained abroad;

  • And most importantly, admission is free for Barattson students !!!

Conversation Club time:

Thursday - 11:00


Group Lesson (56 hours)

Hours Regular (AZN)    Intensive (AZN)
09:00-11:00 99 148
11:00 -13:00 109 163
13:00-15:00 79 118
15:00-17:00 119 178
17:00-19:00 89 133
19:00-21:00 129 193

Individual (44 hours)

Hours Regular (AZN)    Intensive (AZN)
09:00-17:00 600 900
17:00-21:00 720 1080

Note: Before registering course we define your English level





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