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It is a matter of pride that Azerbaijan ranks first in the CIS in terms of the ratio of ACCA students to its population.
That's why we're honored to present ACCA students with the world-class online training platform they deserve.

So that,

  • quarantine

  • material hardships

  • equipment problems in online classes

is no longer an obstacle for you!

It is possible to prepare for all ACCA exam levels through the platform!





Courses / Subjects:

  • ACCA Knowledge:

  • ACCA Skills:

  • Strategic / Professional

Platform content / components *:


  • Recorded tutor lectures covering full syllabus

  • Course Notes

  • Study Guide & Study Planner

  • Study Texts & Questions Banks

  • Revision notes / questions / solutions

  • CBE platform / Mock debriefs / solutions

  • Course / Specimen exams

* course components vary between ACCA courses.

All you need to do to prepare for any ACCA exam is to dream. The rest is on this platform.
The price will be calculated in AZN according to the exchange rate on the day of payment.
Note: This quote is submitted for a limited time.
To get an ACCA training platform, simply follow the links below and follow the steps below:

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For more information, you can call the contact number or apply via WhatsApp:
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