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Tax Accounting

Tax accounting is an accounting system that ensures the determination of the tax base, the correct calculation of taxes and the timely payment to the state budget. In accounting for income and expenses, property tax should be based on the provisions of the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Tax Code does not establish any rules for the conduct of tax records and the taxpayer is exempt from tax filing.

Training program

Management of the tax system in the Republic of Azerbaijan
1. The purpose and objectives of taxation in the modern economy.
2. Tax legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
3. Forms of taxation.
4. Duties of the Taxpayer or Tax Agent.
5. Tax audits, appeals and disputes, procedures, tax violations, tax penalties and interest.
6. Sanctions charges.

Income tax of individuals
1. Taxpayers.
2. Taxation object.
3. Revenue.
4. Rate and calculation of income tax.
5. Income tax exemptions and privileges.
6. General rules.

Tax liabilities of legal entities
1. Definition of the object of taxation.
2. The corporate income tax
3. Objects and rates of taxation.
4. Exemptions and Discounts.
5. Tax accounting.
6. General rules.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
1. Value-added tax payers (Registration and Voluntary Registration).
2. VAT liabilities.
3. VAT rate.
4. VAT payment and reporting period.
5. General rules.

Social insurance contributions
1. Payers of social insurance contributions.
2. Commitments.
3. General rules.

Property tax
1. Property tax of legal entities.
2. Property tax liabilities of legal entities.
3. Accounts.
4. General rules.

Excise tax, road and mining taxes
1. Accounts.
2. General rules.

Simplified tax
1. Accounts.
2. General rules.


Duration: 50 hours.

Fee: 495 AZN





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