Amid Gurbanov

Amid Gurbanov is a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and Master’s Degree with honours in Semiconductors technologies from the same university. Since 2009, Mr Gurbanov has been working as a researcher at Rare earth element physics’s research laboratory, which operates under the auspices of Electricity and optics department of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. He had published seven research articles and three thesis reports.

Mr Gurbanov was involved in following research areas:

A.Nasibli -thermal electrical effectiveness of alloy systems. III Republic Conference, Baku, BSU, 2009.

Sh. S. Ismayilov, I.G. Akparov - The nature of carrier scattering of Fundamental studies, Baku, ASTU, 2011.

Sh. Sardarov, A. Nabiyev - Thermoelectric properties of alloy systems. The IV Republic conference, Baku, BSU, 2012.

M. Murquzov, Sh.Sardarov - The study of spread of ultrasonic waves in solid materials. The materials of Second International Scientific-practical Conference on Contemporary Problems of modern physics, AUAC, Baku, 2010.