Amin Huseynov

Mr Huseynov holds bachelor degree of "Translation and Interpretation" department of Qafqaz University. He has been teaching the English language for 4 years. Mr Huseynov's work experience is divided into two parts. First part is language instruction, and second part is language translation and interpretation. He learnt American and British English from native speakers at "S and P training center" in Ganja when he was 15. When Mr Huseynov was 16, he was moderating conversation clubs at NGOs.Although he is young, he has rich background of language teaching. He started his language teaching career at "LIB Language Center" when he was first year student indeed. He has also translated two books into azeri with "Alatoran Yayınları" publishing house, and Mr Huseynov was chosen liaison officer of the Finance Minister of Sri-Lanka, Ravindra Sandresh Karunanayake, in 2013 for ADB conference which was held in Baku. Mr Huseynov's passion for languages has drawn his attention to linguistics since his childhood. Mr. Huseynov explains even the most difficult grammar and sentence structures in a very simple way. He always tells his students: "Learning a language is lifestyle." "If you make learning lifestyle, nothing can prevent you from being even a native speaker." His methods of taking up a new language can lead you from start to finish easily and rapid.