Fahri Agayev

Having more than 12 years of professional executive experience in international and regional companies, holding senior positions such as General Manager or Managing Director, Fahri Agayev believes that success in business can be achieved only as a result of the right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Well known in business world as a person who is successfully building modern management systems in different companies, Fahri graduated from University of Marmara, Turkey, faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Fahri is passionate about personal and professional development of young professionals and managers. This is one of the reasons why Fahri improved himself as the first motivational speaker on “Success” and “Successful careers” in Azerbaijan.

At present Fahri acts as a business consultant and he works mainly with the private sector on such issues as building effective management systems, managing reforms and changes in companies.

Besides, Fahri is also a visiting lecturer at Qafqaz University in “Business Management”.