Faig Mammadov

Relying on the longer than 20 years of practical experience in writing and translating and the 10 years of full-time (4 years) and part-time experience of lecturing and teaching, Faig Mamedov brings across his mentoring and literary skills combined with the hands-on knowledge of writing as the ultimate means of putting your messages across not only clearly and to the point but also so as to impress and persuade the recipient. To rephrase a well-known saying – ‘if I speak in tongues of men but have not well-formulated message, I become a sounding brass and a clinking cymbal’. A published and active author with four years of studies at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, a University of Languages graduate and, last but not least, a Candidate of Sciences in Psychology, Faig Mamedov takes the teaching approach that combines good writing with psychological considerations to achieve the best import and effect of the messages that professionals put forth.

Faig believes in, and is enthusiastic about personal and professional growth. It is his considered opinion that self-improvement – including improvement of one’s essential skills of communication and writing – is key to social improvement and progress. If a message is there to be made, it better be made in the most efficient way or there is little sense in making it in the first place and as little sense that it can communicate.

Faig is currently active as a translator and interpreter, and a freelance psychological consultant, operating mainly in the private sector. Faig’s teaching track record includes four years of lecturing in the theory and practice of translation and the English language at the Western University in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is also an active author, having produced several short-stories (two of which were published in USA in 2009-2010) and one screenplay (not optioned yet, but, hey, there’s the future ahead!)