Farhad Hajiyev

Having been engaged in teaching for nearly 12 years, Farhad Hajiyev has taught English in many various directions ranging from General English up to TOEFL, IELTS, SAT as well as different areas of Business English.

Business English that he is in charge of includes the following fields: - English for Oil and Gas; - English for Tourism; - English for Journalism; - English for Medicine; - English for Technology; - English for Commerce; - English for Nursing and others.

The specific feature of Farhad's method is that it is very practical which makes it totally different from conventional ways of teaching which are mainly based upon memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary. His method involves an interactive way of learning which means students are given much more space to express themselves and listen to and watch authentic audio and video podcasts in order to get used to native speakers' fast speech and specific accent. Although he is a non-native speaker, Farhad's fast speech and pure American accent hardly make him sound different from native speakers.

On top of the above mentioned, having majored in translation, Farhad is actively engaged in translation work as well. He has translated a number of movies, documentaries and TV series from English and Russian.

He's married and has one daughter.