Farida Mammadova

Although Farida Mammadova holds a degree in Management and worked for public institutions at the economic sector, her knowledge and enthusiasm for the profession led her to the education and training sector.  She has not only excellent command over English and profound Mathematical knowledge and skills, but also high teaching capacity and experience in the field.

Farida Mammadova entered to the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the score of 673 out of 700 and as a Presidential Scholarship holder. Eventually she graduated from the Academy with Honours and 96.5 GPA.

One of her strengths is that she has taken the international exams that she prepares individuals for at Barattson company and obtained high scores (IELTS – overall band 7, Reading section – 8.5, GRE – overall score 315 out of 340). So Ms Farida helps her students to be ready not only academically, but also psychologically and has answers to all the questions related to the preparation techniques, examination process and overall atmosphere.

Being aware of that being successful at the standardized tests requires using effective techniques and strategies as well as practicing, Ms Farida organizes a study plan considering these factors and sets high standards for the quality of classes.

Although she is young, Ms Farida’s endeavor toward her profession, experience and motivation to improve her students’ language skills make her demanding tutor.