Jafar Abbasli

Jafar Abbasli have obtained his both Bachelor and Master degrees from Technical University of Azerbaijan, with major of electrotechnics and energetics. Jafar Abbasli continued his Upon graduation, Jafar worked as trainer on practical and theoretical training on electro-energetic engineering specialty “School of Electrical engineers” (organized by Caspian Engineers Society with support of Baku Steel Company and Azerbaijan Metallurgist Society). Jafar enjoys to train and inspire young people who have interest in the subject, giving scientific knowledge and informing them practically.

Alongside with training activities, Jafar had a position of high voltage electrical equipment repair and maintenance epmloyee at Baku Steel Company MMC, where he gained valuable experience.

Currently, he has a position of inspector at Quality control Department at AZFEN J.V. Despite of being young employee, Jafar shows good results in his profession. He performs receipt inspection of electrical equipment and issue equipment inspection reports, conducts checking of installation practices and quality of installation, alignment, level and orientation.