Rufat Ismayilov

Rufat Ismayilov is a Business Administration graduate from ADA University. Despite the fact that he did and still has different offers to work in his own sphere, he chose teaching as it turned to be his passion. Rufat started tutoring since his earliest years at university. He was assigned as teaching assistant to several professors in courses, such as Economics, Calculus, Business Statistics, Linear Algebra, and others. Taking into consideration that he has studied in English during his bachelor degree, he has excellent English level in the courses that he teaches. Besides high knowledge in language and the area itself, Rufat is known with his motivating and information delivering skills. If you have very low knowledge in the course that you are taking, in that case do not worry. Rufat Ismayilov will deliver all the information in a very simple way. Currently, Rufat is teaching GMAT, GRE, and SAT to the student at Barattson. His previous experiences in teaching sphere makes him a reliable person in teaching. Rufat has been awarded with different medals in Mathematics Olympiads during his school years. Completing the high school with Golden Attestation, he got admitted to ADA University with 690 out of 700 score with Presidential Scholarship.