Sevinj Mammadova

Sevinj Mammadova is one of the country's leading experts on IFRS. She is also the owner of DipIFR. Sevinj has graduated from St. Petersburg Engineering and Economics Institute majoring in economist on planning. With over 25 years of experience as a civil servant Sevinj is qualified professional financial specialist and currently works as a chief specialist in the department of "Financial and insurance market adjustment" in the Ministry of Finance of The Azerbaijan Republic. Sevinj was actively involved in the transformations carried out in the Republic from 2004 to 2009 in such areas as accounting, particularly in the development of International Financial Reporting Standards for commercial organizations, as well as the provision of effective assistance to some organizations of public interest during their initial transition to the use of IFRS. In addition to the practical financial experience Sevinj Mammadova also has 12 years of experience in teaching accounting, financial reporting, planning and budgeting for the specialists of commercial and budgetary organizations.