Shahriyar Alkhasli

Mr. Shahriyar Alkhasli is specialist in Petroleum Engineering holding his Bachelor of Science degree from Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University – ASOIU and his Master of Science degree from The University of Tulsa - one of the best schools in Petroleum Engineering in the world and located in Oklahoma, United States of America. Upon graduation he received full funding for his studies, including various fellowships, and offered a position to work as a researcher in one of the Oil&Gas consortiums in U.S. At this position, his role was implementation of complicated and well-optimized algorithms into petroleum systems. Along with this expertise, he was teaching bachelor students to various petroleum related disciplines, including both practical and theoretical backgrounds. Along with strong academic background and expertise, he also has wide engineering experience including his work as petroleum and drilling engineer in Oil&Gas companies in Azerbaijan, such as BP and Statoil respectively. Currently, he is involved in various projects related to the development of large oil fields in Azerbaijan.  At the same time, he is instructor for bachelor and master students of production/advanced production engineering courses at Khazar University. Currently he is pursuing his PhD education.