Shahvaris Rahimov

Quality Control Inspector Shahvaris Rahimov graduated from Technical University of Azerbaijan, with major of electric transport.

After graduation, Shahvaris used to be an IT volunteer – teacher at teaching for disable children at United Aid for children. Between February and May of 2014, he worked as a trainer on practical and theoretical training on electro-energetic engineering specialty – “School of Electrical engineers”, which was organized by Caspian Engineers Society with support of Baku Steel Company and Azerbaijan Metallurgist Society. Besides that, on October, 2014 Shahvaris also began to train at the new training which was focused on practical and theoretical issues on Electro-Energetic engineering specialty – “School of Electrical Engineers”, which was organized by Barattson School of Engineering and Technology  with support of AZELKO MMC.

Alongside with his training activities, from August of 2013 until April of 2015 he had a position of high voltage electrical equipment repair and maintenance at Baku Steel Company MMC.

At the present time Shahvaris works as an Quality Engineer on KT – Kinetics Technology at SOCAR PP-U&O Projects.

Besides his other honors and certificates, he also mastered CompEx (2015-2020) global certification scheme for electrical and mechanical crafts persons and designers working in potentially explosive atmospheres. Shahvaris successfully completed “Khazar” Russian course, “Olimp” English course and “MilliBayit, HTML, CSS” courses.

Shahvaris enjoys to train and inspire young people in his subject, giving scientific knowledge and informing them practically.