Tural Kazimov

Tural Kazimov, being one of the would-be candidates for the post and broader prospects in the future, have gained thus far 7+ years of experience in various fields of professional activity. He started with the work at the Embassy of Greece and continued to this day in the field of travel management at one of the worldwide British companies such as Hogg Robinson Group (HRG). Between the two, he coped successfully with different work in the field of public administration, office management, consulting, corporate and customer services etc. It comprised establishments such as the G&R Business Services, the Council of Europe and US-based Carlson Wagonlit (CWT).

Furthermore, the last 2 years of Tural’s entire professional experience includes involvement in the Oil and Gas Company as contracting support for logistics, travel and transportation and customer service.

On top of all the above, there are also some highlights that served as a great impetus for Tural’s career. He started off with Baku Slavic University and proceeded to the College of Europe. Likewise, he productively attended some other vocational programs too that comprised such schools as Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, schools for human rights in Italy and France, as well as a range of them organized by the US Embassy.

As for the university, in addition to the Slavic University, Tural could luckily pursue the other half of his bachelor's degree at Aristotle University in Greece. This was followed by several years of intense professional activity as mentioned above.

Eventually, Tural took his chance to study at the College of Europe (officially recognized Diplomatic Academy of European Affairs and academic institution of the European Union) in 2014 and was a student of the Faculty of EU Studies (European Interdisciplinary Studies) in 2014-2015. Under this program, he became a visitor and an observer of the daily activities of EU diplomats in many EU institutions in Brussels and Frankfurt.

After a whole academic year, he ended up in working in the above-mentioned company – HRG – being Travel Manager of its oil and gas corporate sector by coordinating administrative, travel and logistics projects of BP in areas where there is construction of pipelines.