CIMA (Eng) / Certificate Level / C03

C03 fundamentals of business mathematics

On completion of this exam you will have learnt from the following topics:

  • Basic mathematics – 15%
  • Probability – 15%
  • Summarising and analysing data – 15%
  • Relationships between variables – 15%
  • Forecasting – 15%
  • Financial mathematics – 15%
  • Spreadsheets – 10%

Full C03 syllabus (PDF 92KB)


Study resources

Exam practice *NEW* C03 online assessment practice

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Study guides C03 a guide for students (PDF 182KB)
Useful articles *New* Quantitative techniques (FM, June 2014, PDF 61KB)

Correlation analysis 
(FM, June 2013, PDF 229KB)

Uncertainty and sensitivity (Velocity, October 2012)

Risk and probability: part one (Velocity, August 2012)

Algebra in management accounting (Velocity, June 2012)

2011 subject changes (July/August 2011)

Information economics (Velocity, August 2011)

Compound interest (FM, March 2003, PDF 64KB)
Reading lists Core reading

CIMA C03 Study Text - CIMA Publishing

Bedward, D (1999), 'Quantitative Methods: A business perspective', Butterworth-Heinemann
Maths tables C03 maths tables (PDF 1MB)

Course duration

50 hours

Course fee

CO3 (FBM) 495 AZN