CIMA (Eng) / Certificate Level / C04

C04 fundamentals of business economics

On completion of this exam you will have learnt from the following topics:

  • The macro economic context of organisations – 25%
  • The goals and decisions of organisations – 25%
  • The market system and the competitive process – 25%
  • The financial system – 25%

Full C04 syllabus (PDF 96KB)


Study resources

Exam practice *NEW* C04 online assessment practice 

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CIMA Aptitude (fantastic discounted rates available)

C04 specimen questions (Velocity, August 2011)
Study guides C04 a guide for students (PDF 178KB)
Useful articles Uncertainty and sensitivity (Velocity, October 2012) 

Risk and probability-part one (Velocity, August 2012) 

Algebra in management accounting (Velocity, June 2012) 

2011 subject changes (July/August 2011) 

The principal-agent problem (FM February 2008, PDF 110KB)

The UK economy (FM December 2005, PDF 127KB) 

Monetary policy (FM June 2005, PDF 289KB) 

The price of crude oil (FM March 2005, PDF 172KB) 

Mercantile projection (FM September 2004, PDF 458KB)
Reading lists Core reading

CIMA C04 Study Text - CIMA Publishing

Atkinson, B and Millar, R (1999), 'Business Economics', FT/Prentice Hall

Additional reading

Dunnett, A (1997), 'The Macroeconomic Environment', FT/Prentice Hall Dunnett, A (1998)

Understanding the Market: An Introduction to Microeconomics, 3rd edition, FT Prentice Hall(except for chapter 17)

Griffiths, A and Wall, S (2001), 'Applied Economics: An Introductory Course', 9th edition, FT/Prentice Hall
Videos Finance for households

Elasticity of demand

Course duration

50 hours

Course fee

CO4 (FBE) 495 AZN