Mission / Values / Vision

We increase people's employability opportunities through education. We open doors to better future.

At Barattson, our mission is to help professionals and students achieve their objectives in education and career. To be able to make it, we are obliged to operate within the framework of our core principles, run our business honestly and ethically, allowing our learners to use every chance to excel and relying on our experience to ensure professionalism in all our dealings.

Our core principles formalize our company culture and create the framework within which we deal with our stakeholders in general and with our clients in particular:

  • Righteousness - we practice high ethical standards in all our dealings
  • Professionalism - we provide expert knowledge to our clients
  • Possibility - we help reach global opportunities in education and career
  • Assistance - we give any support you need to reach your objectives
  • Success - we are happy when you succeed

Our goal is to be the best training organization in Azerbaijan in the near future and turn into a global player in professional education in the long run.