SharePoint Designer 2010/2013 / Foundation

Course fee 

Foundation 12 hours 160 AZN


What Topics are Covered?

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Essentials
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server is a powerful collaboration tool that serves a very useful purpose in any office. This course takes students through the steps to learn how to get the most out of SharePoint Server 2013. Students will learn about getting started with SharePoint Server 2013; configuring and customizing a site; creating and working with libraries and project summaries;, managing site content; modifying pages; and customizing alerts and permissions.
  • Getting Started with SharePoint Server
  • The first module of the course takes students through what SharePoint server is, its system requirements, and the SharePoint home page. Students are also shown how to open a SharePoint site.

What’s Included?

  • Configuring Your Site
  • This module provides students with the skills on how to add users, create apps, and add a project summary. The “Focus on Content” feature is covered as well.
  • Customizing Your Site
  • The next step for students is learning how to modify the site’s appearance. This is where students will learn how to change the look of a site, as well as how to customize the title, description, and logo. The module also looks at how to edit the links in the Quick Launch pane and how to remove the “Get Started” tiles.
  • Creating Libraries
  • This module is all about libraries. Students are shown how to create a new library and add items to a library. They are also shown how to customize library views and settings, and how to delete a library.
  • Working with Libraries
  • This module delves a little deeper into libraries. It focuses on moving and renaming items, using tags and notes, and how to share and delete items.  
  • Creating a Project Summary
  • This module shows students how to create a task list, create tasks, view task options, and delete tasks.
  • Working with the Project Summary
  • This module shows students how to search tasks, mark them as complete, view completed tasks, add tasks to the timeline, change date display on the timeline, and view tasks as a calendar. 
  • Managing Site Content
  • This module teaches students how to view site contents, workflows, and site settings. Students will also learn how to use the Recycle Bin to view and restore deleted items.
  • Modifying Pages
  • Next, students will learn how to edit pages, edit page properties, view page history, and delete a page.
  • Advanced Customization Tasks
  • This module takes a look at using the Site Pages gallery; changing the home page; and viewing incoming links, popularity trends, and usage reports.
  • Creating and Managing Alerts
  • You can be notified by an alert when a SharePoint document, item, or library has been modified. Students are shown in this module how to create a basic alert, manage alerts, create a custom alert, and delete alerts.
  • Configuring Permissions
  • The course wraps up with a look at permissions for access to your SharePoint site. The module takes students through how to share a page, view page permissions, create groups, grant permissions, modify permission levels, and check permissions for a user or group