SharePoint Designer 2010/2013 / Intermediate

Course fee 

Intermediate 12 hours 140 AZN


What Topics are Covered?

  • Welcome to Velsoft's courseware for Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, a specialized website editor used to create and modify Microsoft SharePoint websites. This new version of SharePoint Designer incorporates Microsoft's new ribbon interface, improved workflow tools, increased data control, and much more.
  • Highlights of this intermediate-level course include information on integrating external data with SharePoint; creating interactive SharePoint pages; using master pages; using styles and cascading style sheets; using Site Templates, subsites, and web parts; using lists and libraries; and creating workflows.

What’s Included?

  • Integrating External Data with SharePoint 
  • To begin the course, you will learn how to view, create, and manage data sources with SharePoint Designer. You will also learn how to create XML, SOAP, and REST connections.
  • Creating Interactive SharePoint Pages 
  • Next, you will learn how to create different types of SharePoint pages. Topics will include HTML, ASPX, and master pages, as well as SharePoint controls.
  • Using Styles and Cascading Style Sheets 
  • This section will focus on how to create, manage, and use cascading style sheets (CSS). Styles will also be covered in depth.
  • Using Site Templates, Subsites, and Web Parts 
  • Next, you will learn about using SharePoint templates, creating sites, and creating subsites. Web parts, web part zones, and web part pages will also be covered.
  • Using Lists and Libraries 
  • This section is all about lists and libraries. Topics include how to create, manage, preview, edit, and customize lists and libraries.
  • Using Workflows


The final section of this course covers how to create, edit, manage, view, publish, and test workflows.