We provide preparation courses for postgraduate admission tests held by the State Students Admission Commission of Azerbaijan Republic. Preparation courses are separately held for students of Azerbaijan and Russian sectors. Experienced tutors in related fields provide instructions to help students prepare for admission exams. For the first phase of the examination we offer courses on the logical thinking (quantitative, spatial and verbal reasoning), foreign languages (English, Russian, German or French) and computer science skills of bachelor applicants. For the second phase we offer courses on following master’s specialties: 26th (Economy– macroeconomy, microeconomy, statistics), 56th MBA (Master of Business Administration), 14th (Informatics), 40th (English language) and other programs. The group is made up of 8-14 students in the morning, afternoon and evening time, the duration of lesson is an hour and a half. Mock exams are organized at least one per month. Depending of results at mock exams, the most successful students can join special intensive preparation group named “Komandos”.