Windows 8 / Foundation

What Will Students Learn?

  • Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s widely used Windows operating system. This new version of Windows incorporates hundreds of new features as well as improvements to existing tools.
  • This Foundation level is intended to help both novice and experienced users become familiar with the many changes that have been made to Windows with this release. This manual will also help users with previous Windows experience become more familiar with the new Start screen.
  • Highlights of the course include a complete overview of the new Start screen, a comprehensive look at touch gestures, an introduction to the default Windows 8 applications (including Mail, Messaging, Photo, Travel, and Sports), and information on using the desktop and its applications.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Getting Started This course will begin with the basics of Windows 8, including an introduction to the Windows 8 Start screen and desktop. Then, basic keyboard, mouse, and touch techniques will be covered. Finally, participants will learn about Windows 8 power options (such as sleep, shut down, and restart).
  • Working with the Windows 8 Start Screen The next section of the course will focus on the Windows 8 Start screen. First, participants will learn about the basic elements of the screen. Then, participants will learn how to customize app tiles and notifications. Next, participants will learn how to open and manage apps, as well as how to use the Charms bar. The section will wrap up with a look at the Windows Store.The Basic Windows 8 Applications, Part One To start this section, participants will learn about creating and customizing local and Microsoft accounts. Next, participants will dive into some of the applications included in Windows 8: Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging, and Photos.
  • The Basic Windows 8 Applications, Part Two This section will continue the exploration of Windows 8 apps, with a look at the Internet Explorer, General News, Bing, Finance, Travel, Sports, Maps, and SkyDrive apps.
  • Working with the Windows 8 Desktop Now that participants have a solid grasp of the Windows 8 Start screen, they will learn about the Windows desktop. First, they will learn how to display the desktop and identify its components. Then, they will learn about window management features, jump lists, and the basics of desktop applications.
  • Working with Files and Folders  The last section of this course will introduce participants to files and folders. First, they will learn about the basic file structure in Windows 8. Then, they will learn how to open, use, and customize File Explorer. Next, they will learn about the Recycle Bin. The section wraps up with a look at help and support tools.