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ACCA Placement Test

The ACCA Exam is designed to test students' math and English skills before they begin their studies at ACCA FA in Baratson. Placement test is a paper exam.

Exam Duration - 2 hours

Exam Frequency: Every Saturday and Sunday

Exam time: 09: 00-11: 00/11: 00-13: 00/13: 00-15: 00/15: 00-17: 00

Exam structure:

English - 30 questions
Mathematics - 40 questions
Business - 50 questions

Candidates can quickly pass the exam if they need to transfer their answers to the answer card and write the corresponding hours in the table.

Results will be reported within 1-2 business days after the exam is completed.

Who can take an exam?

Generally for those who want to attend FA training.


For a candidate who just wants to check ACCA level - 29 AZN Deposit




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