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IELTS Trial Test

General Information

Ensure the successful result you will get in the IELTS exam with the IELTS Mock exam. Mock exams will help you get rid of exam stress and speed up your exam preparation. Do not forget that the obtained results bring exam candidates closer to the official exam result.

Exam format: Paper-based and Computer-based IELTS practice test

Structure and organization of the paper-based trial exam:

    Exam time: 09:00 (Sundays of the week)

 Exam structure:

  • Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
  • Listening, Reading, and Writing sections of the exam are held on Sunday.
  • Speaking exam is organized during the first 3 days of the next week.

Disclosure of answers:

Answers are announced on Thursday of the following week. (The link to get acquainted with the results is mentioned in the SMS sent about Speaking exam)

Registration can be done in 2 forms:

           1. You can register yourself:

  • Visit,
  • Enter "Exam Registration" from the "Online Registration" section,
  • Choose the exam date that suits you and register.

2. Or you can contact the employees of the examination center: (+994 70) 2094484; (+994 55) 5044497


Structure and organization of computer-based trial exam:

   Exam Time: 09:00 – 12:00 – 15:00 (all days of the week)

  Exam structure::

The exam is conducted on the morooq platform.

• Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

• Listening, Reading, and Writing sections are held on the same day.

• Speaking exam is organized during the I, II, and III days of the week.

• The exact time for the Speaking exam is sent as an SMS to the number every Sunday.

Disclosure of answers:

The result of Listening, Reading and Speaking is announced on the morooq account on the same day, and the result of Writing is checked by foreign teachers within 2-3 days and also announced on the morooq account.

You can take the tests both from home and from the center.

1. You can register directly from the morooq page (

2. You can get the tests from your account.

You can contact us to take the tests from the center.

(+994 70) 2094484; (+994 55) 5044497



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