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SAT Trial Exam

If you want to quench the fear of the Official SAT exam by saving you time and money, the SAT trial exam is just for you.

The result is like an internationally recognized SAT test, not just an SAT exam. The results will bring the candidates closer to the official exam results.

Registration time : 09:20-09:40  (If you arrive late, you will not be admitted to the exam.)

Exam duration: 4 hours


Reading Test                          65 MINUTES, 52 QUESTIONS             

Writing and Language Test  35 MINUTES, 44 QUESTIONS               

Math Test – No Calculator   25 MINUTES, 20 QUESTIONS 

Math Test – Calculator         55 MINUTES, 38 QUESTIONS

Score Structure

  • Total score: 400–1600

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section: 200–800

  • Math Section: 200–800

Score Evaluating Formulas:

  • Total score = (Reading score + Writing score)*10 + Math score


39 AZN


The deadline for registration and registration ends 2 days before the exam, but because of the limited number of seats, the system can be closed more quickly.




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