Acting under the motto "From education to profession", Barattson continues his mission ... | Barattson - Employability through education!

Acting under the motto "From education to profession", Barattson continues his mission ...

In February 13, Barattson and Barattson Media appeared in public with a new event.

The purpose of this event was to present the second education ambassador for the Barattson Education Ambassador project.

Zeynal Zeynalov, Director of Barattson LLC, Jeyhun Abdulla, Marketing Director, Safa Mehdi, Ambassador for Education, and Ramin Musayev, a new ambassador, well-known journalist, and blogger spoke at the event.

Jeyhun Abdulla opened the event and greeted everyone and informed the participants about the main purpose, essence, and significance of the event.

Then Zeynal Zeynalov informed about the social projects implemented by Barattson Training Center and Barattson Media. In his speech, Zeynal Zeynalov said that along with education, Barattson's social videos prepared by Barattson Media were broadcast with reference to the negative developments in our society. At the same time, he said that the main goal of this project is to eliminate these wheels, drawing attention to the existing and potential problems that may arise in the future. He also briefed on new future projects with Ramin Musayev.

In his speech, Ramin Musayev gave information about the long-term world tour, which is a key part of his future plans and aims to implement it in 2025. As mentioned, Barattson will be an official partner in Ramin Musayev's project, which will help him improve his English language skills and excellent English language skills. Ramin Bey also noted that he will achieve his goal in English. He will make the videos he will share on his blog with the help of Barattson's excellent English language skills, which he will demonstrate in full on his page.

According to the joint decision, Barattson will help Ramin to attend individual classes and acquire a high level of English.

Mr. Ramin was also told that he would be fully supported as Barattson in order to succeed in the IELTS exams and get an IELTS score of 7.0-8.0.

After the participants were fully informed, Ramin Musayev has officially declared Ambassador to Education and presented with a symbolic ribbon and certificate with the words "Barattson's Ambassador to Education".

Presenting the status, Zeynal Zeynalov said that the first holder of this status was Safa Mehdi and that they would elect the Ambassador for Education from among those who have taken on the mission of constantly educating the public, and Barattson's mission will not be limited here.

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