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Barattson LLC is expanding its international cooperation

Each language is one of the main tools that will take you in new directions. A new language is key for anyone who wants to realize their dreams in terms of learning different cultures, education, and job opportunities. Barattson, who plays an important role in helping people learn a foreign language, create education and other opportunities, offers you these opportunities in an exclusive partnership with EF (Education First).
As you know, EF provides services such as study abroad, language learning, as well as encourages people to develop their careers. The mission of the EF, which has been operating for more than half a century, has been to give confidence and freedom to people of all ages, regardless of nationality, religion, or race, without discrimination. EF opens the door to a world of opportunity for you to define your path and courage in life. It combines language teaching with cultural exchange, academic achievement, and educational journeys in order to present curricula and programs that turn your dreams into international opportunities.

EF makes it easy to learn local languages ​​in countries where you want to build your career, including your future, to develop your education. EF, which allows you to learn the official language of the country you are visiting, guarantees you a transparent and safe environment in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Our branch, which is already established in the United Arab Emirates, gives you the opportunity to learn Arabic in the homeland of this language. In short, EF tells you:

Creates learning opportunities in 11 languages ​​in the same language environment (countries) (English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese);
Preparatory programs for foreign universities: EF International schools bring you closer over long distances with the guarantee of admission to partner universities;
The EF Accelerated Program allows students who have not yet finished high school to begin their third year at university with a high school diploma in the United States (Accelerated College Degree Program) and two years of a college education.

With EF, you also have more than 55 years of experience in exploring the world to explore the world with education.

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