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Barattson organized an Open Door PAC event

The Barattson Training Center has hosted an Open Door Event related to the Professional Accountant's Certificate (PAC). Barattson, which regularly organizes the events, spoke about the Professional Accountant's Certificate, which is planned to be issued by the State Examination Center at the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. The main purpose of the event was to provide PAC advantages, new opportunities, acquisition methods and other necessary information, as well as preliminary information on PAC exam preparation by Barattson. Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Barattson Elshan Rahimov, Interim Executive Director Zeynal Zeynalov and Financial and Accounting Trainer, Phd. Elsever Ibadov made a speech.

In the first part of the event, Elshan Rahimov welcomed the guests and gave an overview of Barattson's values, aims and services. Through this speech, Barattson said that the main goal of education, from its inception, is to educate the future of educated, skilled personnel, and to open up new work opportunities and integrate the younger generation.

Then Zeynal Zeynalov provided general information about the PAC and informed the participants about the new possibilities of PAC. He also talked about the types of PACs, methods of acquisition, examination procedures and other such information.

Elsevar Ibadov, in turn, provided the PAC exam program and educational information for those wishing to prepare. In addition, Barattson has announced the PAC exam preparation program, which will be organized by Barattson, explaining what those programs are and what they expect.

The second part of the event was devoted to the questions of the participants and the speakers provided more detailed information on the topics covered by the dark.

At the end of the event, participants were invited to a tea and sweets table and continued their friendly conversation.

Please note that the PAC will be available in 4 types, including 2 areas. Public Sector: PAC of I and II International Standards, Entrepreneurship Sector: PAC for International Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs and PAC for International Financial Reporting Standards. Exams for each type of certificate will consist of 2 stages, and the term of each certificate is 5 years. Those who receive the same type of certificate twice will receive a lifetime certificate for the third time.

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