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Elshan Rahimov has resigned!

B.Elshan Rahimov, executive director and founder of Barattson, one of the leading companies in the education sector of Azerbaijan, has resigned. This was announced by Elshan Rahimov at a press conference with the participation of media representatives. He spoke about the company's pathways since its inception and expressed his confidence that in the near future he would be represented in the international arena. He then transferred his role to Zeynal Zeynalova, who supported the company's operations and development.

Zeynal Zeynalov announced his new goals, saying he would work confidently to represent the company at the highest level in the education sector. He added that it would be useful to further expand the capabilities of Barattson's "schoolman" web application, the educational management system, to integrate students with employers to implement its "education-to-profession" mission in an innovative way. Thus, the web application will have both the student's and the employer's personal cabinet and, as a result, the employer will have the student's consent with the information. In addition, some curricula will be applied to students through games, which is one of the innovative ideas in the education sector of Azerbaijan.

Zeynalov also said that the student bonus system would be improved, adding that Barattso will work to brand it with a franchise model globally over the next five years. Finally, Z. Zeynalov noted that the former executive director of the company, Elshan Rahimov, will further contribute to the development of Barattson through its activities on the Supervisory Board.

Barattson is the only Azerbaijani company that has the status of an official English language examination center.

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