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The National Certificate Award Ceremony was held in Barattson

On 13.10.2019 Barattson and the Chamber of Auditors held a presentation of "National Certificates". The National Certificates of “Basics of International Accounting” and “Tax Accounting” were presented to the candidates. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Barattson Company Elshan Rahimov and Chairman of the Chamber of Auditors Vahid Novruzov also presented National Certificates to the owners.

Elshan Rahimov gave detailed information about Barattson's mission and values, saying that the main goal for Barattson is to create new, well-educated young accountants and financiers. He noted that the presented National Certificates are a great start for those who want to build their future careers and have a special role in this career path. In addition, Elshan Rahimov informed about changes in the status of National Certificates. According to the report, the future status of the National Certificates will be transferred to international frameworks and will have the same significance as the ACCA certificates. This plan, which is currently in the negotiation stage, is expected to be implemented soon.

Later Chairman Vahid Novruzov said that the Chamber of Auditors is the only member of IFAC-International Federation of Accountants in the country. Further, the financial and accounting innovations in our country said that young people are now more interested in these areas and that young people are the most preferred. He noted that at the instruction of the President of the country, the financial and accounting sphere has been adapted to international standards, the world standards have been applied and positive changes have been made since independence.

Upon completion of the official part of the event, certificates with the participation of Elshan Rahimov and Vahid Novruzov were presented to their owners. A total of 35 National Certificates were awarded to the candidates in 2 categories. Of these, 28 are in the category “Basis of International Accounting” and 7 are in the “Tax accounting” category.

At the end of the event, a photo was taken and ended with a heartfelt conversation at the tea-coffee table.

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