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Orkhan Isayev

Having more than 9 years of work experience Mr. Orkhan Isayev is a senior professional in Human Resources (HR), business process management, corporate performance management and strategic management. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration (BBA and MBA) with a joint program with the Caucasus University and the University of Georgia at ASOIU.Starting his work experience in a foreign company he has worked more than 7 years for management consultancy companies as an HR manager and consultant. Mr. Orkhan Isayev held the position of HR and business process management consultant for about 4 years on SOCAR HR infrastructure building project, the biggest HR project in Azerbaijan.

He worked for an intternational consultancy company, MOSS ADAMS Azerbaijan as a strategic business partner.He also rendered consultancy services for leading companies on Human resources in abroad and conducted a Human resources management system audits for a foreign Oil and Gas operating company and other companies. The professional also owns an international designated, CHRM certificate, from HRCI. Having a professional trainer experience of more than 7 years he has delivered training especially on human resources, soft skills, general management and strategic management for different holdings, foreign companies and public sector. T

he alumnus of his HR trainings and courses now are holding different positions in HR at foreign and national companies. Representing Azerbaijan on a manager-training program in Germany, he received professional training on strategic management, human resources, international human resources, business planning and marketing management. He attended different sessions and master classes on strategic human resources in U.S by highly recognized body, SHRM. He is affiliated to different International Human Resources associations with a professional membership status. He successfully completed another internationally recognized qualification in human resources, CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Management. He is working on development of Human resources as a profession as well as the adding value in Azerbaijan. He is a founder and owner of Business Partner, management consultancy company.

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