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Elnur Eyvazov

Mr. Elnur Eyvazov is an expert in business, corporate and commercial law, business ethics, corporate governance and investments. Mr. Eyvazov has an international professional experience and he practiced law in the US, UK and Azerbaijan with leading international companies. He has an outstanding background in International, English, US, Russian and Azerbaijan law as well as in structuring, negotiations and implementation of large scale international projects and transactions and risk management. He has worked in the Legal Department of BP as a legal advisor.

Mr. Eyvazov practiced law and finance at JP Morgan Investment bank in New York. Currently, Mr. Eyvazov is a Professor of Business Law and Business Ethics at the Business School of ADA University and he is also a Director of the Inclusive Education Department at the same University. Mr. Eyvazov is also a Senior Legal Consultant at Practical Solutions Group, where he advises both regional and international clients on various aspects of business and corporate law, energy projects, international transactions and business and corporate ethics. Mr. Eyvazov obtained his master degree in International Commercial Law from the Law faculty of Cambridge University.

Mr. Eyvazov is also a graduate of Law faculty of Oxford University where he got his MJuris degree in law. Mr. Eyvazov also attended Columbia University School of Law where he obtained an MCL degree in Law and Finance. He teaches Business law (ACCA F4) and Risk, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance (ACCA P1) courses

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