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Gulnar Hasanova

Gulnar Hasanova is a Math and Logics teacher holding her Bachelor from Baku State University and Master’s degree in Mathematical Analysis (with high admission score) from the same university. She started her career as a Math and Logics teacher in the Modern Innovation Lyceum. Now she continues her teaching career at Baku Ataturk lyceum. Gulnar has over 5 years of experience tutoring Math. She prepares students for SAT (math+verbal), SAT SUBJECT MATH LEVEL1&2, GRE, GMAT exams. Gulnar’s students regularly receive high scores on these tests. In the past, she had also participated as a consultant for The State Student Admission Committee.

Gulnar works very hard to help her students increase their standardized test scores, her expertise and experience in this area make her a sought-after teacher. In spite of her young age she was able to assist her students to enter top universities in Canada, US, UK, Austria and other countries.


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