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Veyis Valiyev

Veyis Valiyev is a General English teacher. He holds his bachelor’s degree from Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). With teaching a wide range of students from all age groups he has more than 7 years of experience as a General English instructor. During his university years, he took part in numerous student progress programs, seminars and workshops in Spain, Madrid; Denmark, Copenhagen held by Erasmus Youth Programme. He has also took a volunteer assistant position of coordinator of student exchange and outgoing students program at KTU (Kaunas University of Technology) and  ALAOE (Actively learning people all over the Europe). His first teaching experience began back in 2012. Since then he has been teaching General English through different methods. Currently, he is one of the General English instructors at the “Barattson” company.    

He always aims to teach students practical English rather than standardized English. His teaching way, enthusiasm, and individual approach make classes fun, highly effective, dynamic, and interesting.


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