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Elmir Orujov

Elmir graduated with honors diploma from the Law faculty of the Academy of Law and Management of the Federal Penal Service of Russian Federation.
Then he realized a degree that blends expertise in law and economics enables lawyers to have an impact on a wide range of issues related to law, business, and finance is what he wants to study. Therefore, he successfully graduated from the faculty of Economics in the same Academy. He had job experience in field of jurisprudence in Russia.
After a short hiatus, Elmir resumed his educational career at the University of Turin and got Master of Laws in International Trade Law – Contracts and Dispute Resolution degree.
For a long period he worked as a lawyer in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Now Elmir represents our company and here he controls legal regulation of business activities. From 20 July 2019 he started to work as Chief Operation Officer.

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