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Elshan Rahimov

The COB of Barattson LLC is ELSHAN RAHIMOFF – a graduate of Cairo University (Egypt) with a degree in Accountancy, a Master in Business Administration from Georgia State University’s affiliate program at State Oil Academy, who later was a visiting faculty in J. Mack Robinson College of Business in Atlanta, USA. Prior to establishing “Barattson School of Business & Finance”, in 2004 Elshan co-founded GRBS (originally was named G&R Business Services) in partnership with BINCO (Baku Investment Company) and until 2013 was a Managing Partner in GRBS, where the first letter stood for Guliyev - BINCO president's family name and the second letter stood for Rahimoff, Elshan's family name. Elshan personally gave this name to GRBS putting "G" first and "R" second as a token of high respect to his previous business partner Mr. Guliyev, who was Elshan's former employer and mentor. It should be noted that success of GRBS was mainly due to Elshan’s interpersonal, business and financial management skills, as well as his profound multilingual communication abilities and unmatchable teaching skills in the areas including but not limited to Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Performance Management, Tax Accounting, Corporate Reporting and especially IFRS. Elshan was even recognized by GRBS staff as a nominee for the Efficiency and Frugality of the Year Award. Elshan also played tremendous role in implementation of IFRS in Azerbaijan. He was a leading local consultant at Ministry of Finance of Republic of Azerbaijan in IFRS implementation project. He is co-author of National Accounting Standards of Republic of Azerbaijan. Elshan Rahimoff is deservedly recognized a leading specialist in IFRS in Azerbaijan since he taught thousands of professionals for the last 10 years. He is also a constant visitor of international conferences organized by IASB, ACCA and other world leading professional organizations. Elshan is also an adjunct professor at leading universities of Azerbaijan, such as State Oil Academy, Odlar Yurdu University, ADA University, and Qafqaz University. He is a holder of ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting and CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting. He is also Certified Islamic Finance Executive by Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance. At Barattson Elshan Rahimoff teaches ACCA, CIMA, DipIFR, CMGA and Islamic Finance qualifications. Establishing “Barattson School of Business & Finance”, Elshan set a target of becoming a leading professional business education provider in the region in the short to medium term, and a world quality education provider in the long run. Realizing well that business education cannot succeed without professional and talented people, Elshan’s idea was to bring together the brightest minds and build strong team of qualified teachers and professional staff. Elshan used his patronymic when naming the company and by doing so he gives personal guarantee on quality of teaching of any programs offered by Barattson. Elshan always seeks opportunities to collaborate with world leading professional education providers in order to always bring fresh ideas and following global trends to provide valuable education opportunities to professionals in Azerbaijan.

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