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Natavan Aliyeva

As a graduate student Natavan joined our internship program for master preparation department where she worked for a couple of months. Natavan had been recognised for her willingness to work hard with staff and being of part of international organisation, and was designated to the position of assistant deputy test centre administrator. Together with IELTS team members, she sustains the co-ordination of all administrative tasks related to candidate registration, conducts test day preparations, test day administration and post-test administration and preparation of results. Acting as Test Day Supervisor upon the request, Mrs. Aliyeva assumes the role of the Centre IELTS Administrator, performing all duties and responsibilities to ensure security and integrity on test days. Natavan has been recently promoted to the position of Deputy Test Centre Administrator. “I’m very happy to be a part of global body, and here we try to provide best conditions for test takers” – Natavan says.

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